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Monday, October 3, 2011

BroadBand swindle

This days few people doing fraud by telling that they will give BSNL Broadband connection with nice offers and they will tell that, you need to pay the money 2500/- before installation, so that you will get the connection with in one hour.

The guy will be having BSNL Id card with him, each and every detail he says as he is true BSNL agent.

He will give you the mobile number also. But after one hour it will not work.

So Please do not believe such kind of people who comes to your home and tell these things.

Lets stop and share this information so that till some extant it will be stopped.

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ID card for BMTC VOLVO Bus Pass

The below information is useful for those who wants to take Monthly VOLVO pass.

1. The BMTC Volvo GOLD Pass is now 1500/-. (Without ID card)

2. The BMTC Volvo GOLD Pass is now 1450/- if you have an ID card with you.

3. As I know Only in Mejestic and ShanthiNagar you get the ID card, for that you need a stamp Size Photograph of yours.

    The ID card costs you only 100/- rupees and Valid for 3 years. Just you need to take the Id card from the counter then, fix your photo, sign on

     that then they will put a stamp on your ID and then does lamination.

4. On Sundays the counter will be closed. Rest of all the days it will be till 5PM.

5. Only from 1st to 7th you can get the Pass. (ID card I am not sure.)

6. In some posts I read that "We need to take ID card along with the PASS". That is not the case, If you just want the ID card you can take it. (In my case I had a pass already, but I wanted to Take ID card, for nextmonth purpose.)


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