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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Healthy Hair Tip

To have the healthy hair, with out hair loss and strong hair follow the below tip.

In the supermarkets you can get the Banjara's (Anything Other company also) Products with approx 200gm like that.


1. Bringraj Powder

2. Methi Powder

3. Hibiscus Powder

4. Shikakai Powder

5. Bramhi Powder (Optional)

Mix all the above powders and keep the mix ready.

Once every 15 days, you take sufficint powder to apply throught  your hair, and mix the powder with water previous day's night you wanted to take headbath.

Next day you apply the mix to your sculp and wait till 1 hour, then wash it only with Water. Do not apply any Shampoo.

Next day after you washed your hair with water, you can take again headbath with Shampoo.


Results will be very good..


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