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November 2011 Entries

C# Concepts

The best example for ref usage is given below for swapping to strings. "ref" object mainly used to do deal with In and out parameters. In the example given below, by passing only two parameters you can see the swapped variables (Two output variables). Multiple Interface Inheritance and the Abstract class Inheritance is also implemented to know the syntax how it should be declared. Soon I will be addig some more explanation for below example. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace MyTest {     class SwappingStrings     {         static void SwapStrings(out string so1, out string so2, string s1, string s2)         // The string parameter is passed by... More

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Below URL's are useful for users who likes to appear for SDET position.: Write a queue class with two dequeue methods: one to remove the oldest element and one to remove the max element. Write test cases. Not too bad of a question; definitely a good one to start my day with. Given a stack class, implement a queue class. Write test cases. Also not too bad; simple stacks and queues. It was an odd question to me though since it’s wildly inefficient, but I gave the answer he wanted. ... More

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