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Monday, November 7, 2011


Below URL's are useful for users who likes to appear for SDET position.:
  1. Write a queue class with two dequeue methods: one to remove the oldest element and one to remove the max element. Write test cases. Not too bad of a question; definitely a good one to start my day with.
  2. Given a stack class, implement a queue class. Write test cases. Also not too bad; simple stacks and queues. It was an odd question to me though since it’s wildly inefficient, but I gave the answer he wanted.
  3. Given a set of data ranges (i.e. 2-7, 5-9, 10-20), write a function to determine if there is any overlap within the set. Write test cases. This was the hardest one of the day for me. I had to determine which data structure was best for the task which wasn’t clear right away, and I missed some crucial test cases. However, my interviewer seemed relatively pleased with my solution.
  4. Given a string, determine which character appears the most and the number of times that character appeared. Write test cases. This one was a cake walk because I had studied this problem in the days prior to the interview. The solution is outlined in the book Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job. I recommend the book to anyone trying to get a CS job.

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