November 2012 Entries

High School Yearbooks: Who do You Remember?

If you have lost your yearbook or are simply interested in getting another one of your high school yearbooks, there is a growing area on the Internet where you can download or purchase high school yearbook from any year in the past. So read below to learn a little more about how the process works. It's very common for people to want to look up those that they remember from high school, but high school yearbooks are not just for that, but can be used to find celebrities and other interesting people that you may just be curious about how their... More

Yearbooks: Find Your Old Friends Again

If you have lost or damaged your yearbook beyond repair, all hope is not lost, because yearbooks offers a solution. Their websites allow you to download or order a new copy of a yearbook from any year in the past. You can choose to only get a digital copy, hard copy, or both, depending on your preferences. Yearbooks can be good for remembering old friends that you used to have, but they can also offer a window into the lifestyle of famous people or celebrities that have also taken pictures in their yearbooks that you can look up online.... More

Yearbook: Keep It Where You Can Find It

Never pass up an opportunity to collect the yearbook with you in it, every time the occasion comes up. Even if you’re not positive you want to spend the money at the time, you will find that ultimately, the more your books that you have, the better you will enjoy them later in life. If you’re from the old school, then you know that every yearbook that you used to get used to be an actual physical book, but if you have gotten one in the last several years, many of them are available in the digital format as well, which... More

Friends Reunite at Their High School Reunion

When people look at the days they spent in high school, they sometimes cringe. They know they have some things in their past that are embarrassing and they aren't the most pleasant thing to remember. There are others that don't mind remembering the things they did in high school. As time passes, they look forward to their high school reunion. Once a class has graduated high school, they often have a chance to reunite with their former classmates when a high school reunion is planned. This presents the opportunity for them to see those they spent so much time with as... More

Generate New Business Using a High School Class Reunion

You probably have not considered it before, but a high school class reunion is a good option for improving your business. It doesn't matter how big or small your business is it can benefit through the networking that a high school reunion provides for you. You should build to build up more relationships than your business than you expected in a single event. You are going to run into a bunch of people that you know while you are at the reunion and chances are good that you will probably have conversations with a bunch of different people before the... More

School Reunion: Meeting With Friends Again

Many people have their school reunion for many reasons, but most of us just like to see how all of our friends are doing and to compare how far we’ve all come in the many years we’ve been out of school. Whatever the reason, it’s important to be prepared and make the best out of the situation. When considering where to have the school reunion, you can think of places like on a cruise, outside like a picnic, or in a banquet hall. An interesting way to help you make this decision is to take a poll of the... More

Class Reunion: Make All of Them That You Can

If you’ve never been to a class reunion before, then you should know that they really are a lot of fun, and you should make it to every one of them that you can as you progress along your own personal timeline. How many chances do you really have to meet all the people from those earlier years? After you graduate from high school, you will find out that typically you will have a class reunion at fairly common intervals. Typically, you are going to have your first 15 years after you graduate, then after 10 years, and finally after 20... More