December 2012 Entries

The Reason to Use Online Yearbooks

A yearbook is one of the only ways that you probably have of looking back on your school years and putting a face to the people you once knew. Sure you could probably pull most of them up using a social network, but they won’t look the same as they did when you want to school with them. If you lose your yearbook online yearbooks may be the only way that you will ever get those memories back again. There are several different websites that now support online yearbooks. Most of these sites will cost you some money to... More

How to Find Your Old High School Yearbooks

If you can no longer find your high school yearbooks and are wondering where you might get some replacements, you might be out of luck. High school yearbook duplicates are often hard to come by but here are some tips that may be able to get you turned in the right direction. With a little work and imagination, you should be able to find them. Your first step it to call or email your local high school and find out if they can point you in the right direction. While they probably won't be able to help you actually obtain... More

High School Reunions: Planning the Perfect Party

High school reunions can be a very wonderful time in someone’s life. However, if you don’t plan accordingly, it can be very stressful and end up nothing like you had hoped. So take a moment to read through some of these tips and you’ll be more prepared to create the best party for you and your friends. Consider having high school reunions at a banquet hall, first of all. These are among the least expensive but offer the best cover against weather, and even offers your guests a place to sleep if you book it in combination with... More

High School Reunion: Plan Ahead of Time

When it comes to planning a high school reunion, there are many details that you must decide on early enough for people to be prepared for. The most important thing to decide on is the location that you will be having it. The rest of the details are much easier to hammer out. When considering the type of location to have your high school reunion, first think of a banquet hall. These are the most popular types of locations to have these kinds of parties because they protect you from the elements, are low on the price scale, and can provide... More

Get a Date at Your High School Class Reunions

Many people will make you feel like you should have a date for your high school class reunions but in many cases the opposite is actually better. Don’t let yourself stress about not having a good date to bring to one of the reunions, or about not having the family you always dreamed of before one of the events. Going to a reunion single puts you in a great position because you aren’t going to be the only single person at the reunion. All the single men there will probably be looking to make new connections and with any luck... More

Things to Expect at a High School Class Reunion

If you are going to be attending your high school class reunion at some point in the future, you might want to do some things to be prepared for the event. There are some ways in which you can be ready to make the experience better than it would have otherwise been by making just a few simple preparations before your reunion. You should know that the people that you used to know in high school may not be the same people that you remember. They will likely have changed a great deal and you might not remember them... More

Class Reunion: See Where Everyone Has Been

If you’d like to be responsible for holding your class reunion, here are some ideas you can use to make it the best one for you and your classmates. First of all, you’ll want to decide on where to hold it, and by considering the pros and cons of each place, you’ll know where to have it without a doubt. The first and most popular venue where you can hold your class reunion would be in a party hall. The benefits of this are that it is quite inexpensive, protects from the elements which reduces the risk of weather issues... More