June 2014 Entries

Certified Pre-Owned Car – A Boon for Bad Credit Buyers

Till Last Month I have a problem, and it goes by the name of bad credit. It troubled me while buying a home. It is troubling me now when I want to buy a car. Is bad credit a taboo? Why lenders consider bad credit history a red flag? I made few mistakes in the past. I couldn’t make regular payments. But, things have changed now. I have a good job that enables me to live a comfortable life. I have paid most of my debts. Still, no lender wants to help me buy my favorite 2014 Chevy Camaro. Today I own my... More

4 Right Reasons to opt for Bad Credit No Money Down Auto Loans

Lisa was desperately seeking an auto loan, but her terrible score and financial inability to make a down payment were making matters worse. She took matters in her own hand and decided to improve her credit score. That’s where she went wrong. Henry was in the same boat as Lisa’s. He decided to use all his savings for a down payment. He thought of applying for a title loan on his wife’s car. Even, he is headed for in the wrong direction. If you are a prospective buyer in the automobile market and facing the same problems, you need to stop. Stop... More

Dos and don’ts for getting Lower Rates on Bad Credit Auto Loans

Buying a Car – EASY Buying a Car with Lowest Auto Loan Rates – IMPOSSIBLE It is the story of every bad credit buyer in the nation. Today, every buyer with credit problem can get a car loan but getting cheapest rates is still a difficult task. Lenders and dealers will promise you lowest rates (as low as 2.49% for 6 year car loan) but provide shocking rates while signing the contract. Here’s why Lenders offer lowest rates for people with incredibly high credit score. Also, lenders charge higher rates from bad credit buyers because of the high risk factor. It means bad credit... More


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