July 2014 Entries

No Money Down Auto Loans bring an end to misery of Bad Credit Car Buyers

Buying a car without down payment is a task for a brave bad credit borrower! Auto buying process can be stressful, especially when it comes to the 'devilish' down payment. Do not lose sleep over down payment amount because you can avoid it. When you don't have sufficient money or do not want to make down payment, you can opt for no money down auto loan program. Work on Things that can be controlled When you are applying for bad credit no down payment car loan program, do not worry about bad credit. Many Americans with bad credit history buy their favorite... More

Bad Credit Auto Loans – Lowering your Loan Rates – Is it possible?

“Lowest Rates for Bad Credit People” “Bad Credit Okay” “Got Bad Credit? It’s OK” “Cheapest Rates for Poor Credit” “2.44% Auto Loan Rates for everyone” Such myths are propagated by lenders. But, don’t get fooled by these marketing gimmicks. Getting lowest market rates on auto loan is not possible with bad credit history. Even though lenders market otherwise, credit history is an important factor for determining your credit score. So, forget lowest rates. The lowest prevailing rate in the market is reserved for people with perfect credit history. Most lenders offer cheapest rates to car buyers with credit score more than 680. So, what should you... More

Guidelines for obtaining the Best Dealership Financing Program

Many people demonize auto dealers. They consider them frauds and avoid dealership financing. But, you must understand that dealers are like us. They are trying to earn their living. You don’t have to fear them. You can emerge successful in dealing with dealers. Preparation for Winning the Deal You can be a spontaneous person but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for dealership financing. If you fail to prepare, you increase your chances of getting a raw deal. Here are five things which you must do before going to the dealership lot: 1. Prepare a Budget You must know your spending limit. It will... More

Bad Credit Auto Loans & Guaranteed Approval – Possible in Today’s Times

Want to buy a car but unsure of approval because of your bad credit history? Well, you are not alone. Most Americans have at least one problematic transaction on their credit report. It may be anything like a late payment on a credit card or a missed payment on mortgage. Bad credit is very common and so, do not worry about it. You can get guaranteed auto loan approval with bad credit score. Think it is a joke? This article will prove you wrong. The Odds are in your Favor Let’s take a trip down the memory lane. A couple of years... More


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