August 2014 Entries

Bad Credit Dealership Financing – Get the Car you need with these Useful Tips

I saw a video that provided kitchen hacks for faster cooking. A lot more spare time and high internet speed led me to a number of videos and articles that provided everyday hacks for making life simpler. That’s when I thought – Why not provide car buyers with opportunity of bad credit auto loan hacks? And, thus this blog began. I have worked in the subprime auto financing industry for the past 6 years. I worked as a loan consultant for car buyers with credit issues. My experience taught me few things that could guarantee approval on bad credit auto... More

3 Solid Reasons to choose a Used Car when troubled with Bad Credit Score

In the times of fast food and over-night deliveries, I won’t be wasting your time in sermonizing you on improving your credit score. This article won’t explain you the boring and done-to-death “importance of a good credit score”. You don’t have a good credit score. So, what? Most Americans don’t have excellent credit score and it’s not very important. What’s important is that you get a reliable car now. And, this piece of writing will help you in doing the same. Ample Car Options with Bad Credit Buying any car is easy today. Lenders are offering loans for buying a new car... More


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