September 2016 Entries

How to Work around Down Payment while getting Auto Loans?

People buy a new car with the help of an auto loan. There are more than a few steps that you have to follow in order to obtain auto loan approval. You need to find a lender who offers an interest rate comfortable enough for you. Also, you must look at the down payment amount, if any, and see if it is within your capacity. Auto loans usually come with a single down payment, followed by smaller monthly payments. You also need to decide whether to opt for down payment or balloon payment as... More

Auto Loans for a Self-Employed Individual: Definitely But Not Immediately

Today, there is no stability in a traditional workplace. So instead of finding a full-time job, people are more inclined to the idea of being self-employed. It helps them to be independent in making their own decisions. Being your own boss comes with a lot of perks but there can be a couple of problems as well. For example, a lender may not consider you worthy for an auto loan. But, do not worry. If you have the required documents, you will get one step closer to your dream car. Who is a... More

5 Sources to look out for while buying a car

Buying a car is not as easy as buying groceries at the mall. One cannot walk in, chose a car, swipe the credit card and drive out with it. You need to analyze the details as it will be one of your most prized possessions for a long time. If you want to be an expert car buyer, you need to first decide upon the car model that you wish to buy. It should be in your budget. Once you are sure about the car model, you will have to choose a... More

Why Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Car in California Should Be Your Next Purchase?

When it comes to buying cars, there is a huge difference between being a miser and spending efficiently while valuing every dollar spent. Surely, buying a certified pre-owned car falls under the category of spending efficiently. Notably, the pre-owned car market of California is large. Not only does California rank as the richest state in the United States of America, it is also the most populous state amongst the fifty states. Typically, a certified pre-owned car undergoes refurbishments, inspections and authentic certification processes before it is sold. The processes ensure that... More

4 Seller Responsibilities You Should Adhere To While Selling Your Car in Michigan

Often while selling a car, one tends to forget about the legalities involved. In order to stay on the correct side of the law, there are a handful of rules you should adhere to while selling your car. As Michigan is the tenth most populous state in America, there are many transactions that involve selling cars. However, there are some important seller responsibilities that you should undertake while selling your car in Michigan. Now when we talk about seller responsibilities, it points to the primary responsibility as a seller that you... More