3 Best Budget-Friendly Cars for College Graduates in Seattle

The graduation process of any college student is a memorable event. After obtaining a diploma and securing a job, many college graduates plan on rewarding themselves with the help of a car. United States Census Bureau conducted a survey. It revealed that Seattle had the highest number of college graduates in 2008 amongst other cities of America. Additionally, it is the largest city in the state of Washington. Therefore, there are numerous transactions of car buying and selling. As for finding out which are the best budget-friendly cars to buy in Seattle, the following compilation will come to your rescue.

1. Nissan Versa Sedan

In the initial period right after college, shortage of finance is very much a reality. So spending money wisely becomes crucial. If you set out to visit the Alki Beach Park or the Discovery Park in Seattle, the Nissan Versa 1.6S will be your companion and make sure you stay in your budget. The Nissan Versa Sedan contains a 1.6 liter cylinder engine with 109 horsepower and a tilt steering wheel facility. Additionally, the 14.9 cubic feet of leg-room and the four-speaker sound system will make long trips with your friends more comfortable and manageable. Thus, the Nissan Versa Sedan is a budget-friendly car for recent college graduates.

2. Toyota Tacoma

Seattle is a city that lies on various hills and mountains. Some of the prominent parts of the hilly side of Seattle include Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill and First Hill. Keeping in mind the topography of Seattle, Toyota Tacoma is the ideal choice in terms of a budget-friendly pickup truck. With a 2.7 liter cylinder and six-speed automatic transaction engine, the Toyota Tacoma is a sturdy truck built for uneven terrains. Also, a decent interior and various facilities such as smartphone integration and heated leather seats will ensure that you enjoy driving the car in Seattle during your weekend adventures.

3. Kia Soul

Seattle is a technological hub with conglomerates such as Amazon and Microsoft based out of the city. If you have landed a job after graduating from college, fast commute becomes a requirement. Kia Soul is one of the best budget-friendly picks in compact cars. It is suitable when you need to commute quickly and not spend hours waiting in busy lanes. The car has a decent 130 horsepower and 1.6 liter cylinder engine. Moreover, the Kia Soul comes with safety features such as the forward collision warning and signaling in times when the car drifts out of the lane. Therefore, Kia Soul is the perfect car for fast commute in Seattle.

If you are a recent college graduate, assessing which car to buys that fits into your budget may be a task. The above options will help you to pick the best budget-friendly cars to drive in Seattle.

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posted @ Friday, March 3, 2017 11:51 PM


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