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Latest Posts

Bench Footing: An Effortless Technique for Lowering the Basement

In order to create an additional space in homes, people are resorting to the option of lowering the basement. And, bench footing is one of the widely used methods for it. What is Bench Footing? Bench footing is a process through which you can lower the basement and provide extra structural support to the foundation. There is no need to dig under the foundation in order to provide extra height to the basement. Instead, with bench footing, you can lower the basement floor level and widen the structure of the foundation. How is ... More

posted @ 7/19/2016 6:20 PM by Christine Delongte

Waterproofing Paint - A Makeshift Waterproofing Remedy for your Home

As a homeowner, you must have realized the fact that water seepage and moisture problems are common. But, what is the remedy for it? Usually, homeowners opt for waterproofing paint, the most common remedy for the problem of water seepage. Why Homeowners consider Waterproofing Paint as the Go-To Option for Waterproofing a Property? >>Most home-improvement stores sell a variety of waterproofing paints. Convenience in locating the product has made it the number one waterproofing choice of homeowners. >>If you are interested in solving the problem of water seepage on your own,  ... More

posted @ 7/13/2016 9:34 AM by Christine Delongte

Cosigner for your Auto Loan - Complete Interpretation of the Term to help you make a Wise Decision

Many a times while you are looking at your car loan contract, you may come across the term ‘cosigner’. A cosigner can be anyone. He/she can be someone from your family or your group of friends. Basically, a cosigner is someone who guarantees that if you cannot pay back the loan, they will be legally responsible to pay back the debt. Key Requirements: There are a few requirements which are essential if you plan to get a cosigner for your loan. 1. Mutual Consent The cosigner must be willing to sign the contract and pledge that he/she will pay the due ... More

posted @ 7/5/2016 11:44 PM by Jefery Reynolds

Ae Sabz Gumbad Wale Manzoor Dua Karna

  Ae Sabz Gumbad Wale Manzoor Dua Karna Jab Waqt-e-Nazah Aye Deedar Ataa Karna   Ae Noor-e-Khuda Aakar Ankhon Mein Sama Jana Ya Dar Pe Bula Lena Ya Khawab Main Aa Jana Ae Parda Nasheen Dil Ke Parde Mein Raha Karna Jab Waqt-e-Nazah Aye Deedar Aata Karna Ae Sabz Gumbad Wale Manzoor Dua Karna Jab Waqt-e-Nazah Aye Deedar Ataa Karna Main Qabr Andheri Mein Ghabraoonga Jab Tanha Imdaad Meri Karne Aajana Rasoolallah Roshan Meri Turbath Ko Ae Noor-e-Khuda Karna Jab Waqt-e-Nazah Aye Deedar Aata Karna Ae Sabz Gumbad Wale Manzoor Dua Karna Jab Waqt-e-Nazah Aye Deedar Ataa Karna Mujrim Hoon Jahaan Bhar Ka Mehshar Mein Bharam Rakhna Rusva-e-Zamana Hoon Daman Mein Chhupa Lena Maqbool Ye Arz Meri Lillah ... More

posted @ 6/29/2016 11:27 AM by Mehjabin

Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan

  Qalb-e-Aashiq Hain Ab Para Para, Alwada Alwada Mahe Ramazan Tere Aane Se Dil Khush Hua Tha, Aur Zoak-e-Ibadat Badha Tha, Aah! Ab Dil Pe Hain Ghum Ka Galba, Alwada Alwada Mahe-e-Ramazan Nekiyan Kuchh Na Hum Kar Saken Hain, Aah Issiya Hai Mein Din Katen Hain, Haaye! Gaflat Mein Tujh Ko Guzara, Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan Koi Husn-e-Amal Na Kar Sakaa Hoon, Chand Ansoo Nazar Kar Raha Hoon, Yehi Hai Mera Kul Asasaa, Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan Jub Guzar Jayenge Mah Giyara, Teri Aamad Ka Phir Shoor Hoga, Kya Meri Zindagi Ka Bharosa, Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan Bazm Iftar Sajti Thi Kaisi, Khoob Sehri Ki Ronak Bhi Hotee, Sub Sama Hogaya Suna Suna, Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramzan Yaad Ramzan Ki Tarpa Rahee Hai, Aansoo Ki Jarhee Lag Gayee ... More

posted @ 6/28/2016 10:53 AM by Mehjabin

Hiring IT Consultants: Why is it Beneficial for a Business Organization?

When Bill Gates said, “We are changing the world with technology”, he knew what he was talking about. Technology has changed the way we think, behave and live. Technology has a deep impact on our business as well. If you want to build a successful business, you need to implement the technological innovations at a quick pace. And, for it, you need the right IT talent working for you. Many hiring managers believe that when you find talented IT professionals, you should hire them and make them an integral part of your business organization. But, cost-effectiveness is very essential ... More

posted @ 6/28/2016 10:29 AM by Kartik Patel

Kya Mahekte Hain Maheknewale

  Kya Mahekte Hain Maheknewale Boo Pe Chalte Hain Bhataknewale Jagmaga Uthi Meri Gor Ki Khaak Tere Qurbaan Chamaknewale Mahe Bedaag Ke Sadqe Jaaun Yun Damakte Hain Damaknewale Arsh Tak Phaili Hai Taab-e-Aariz Kya Jhalakte Hain Jhalaknewale Gul-e-Taiba Ki Sana Gaate Hain Nakhl-e-Tooba Pe Chaheknewale Aasiyo! Thaam Lo Daaman Un Ka Wo Nahin Haath Jhataknewale Abr-e-Rehmat Ke Salaami Rehna Phalte Hain Paudhe Lachaknewale Are Ye Jalwa Gaahe Jaanana Hain Kuch Adab Bhi Hain Phadaknewale Sunniyo! Un Se Madad Maange Jao Pade Bakte Rehte Hain Baknewale Shamme Yaad-e-Rukh-e-Jaanan Na Bujhe Khaaq Ho Jaaye Bhadaknewale Maut Kehti Hai Ke Jalwa Hai Qareeb Ek Zaraa So Lein Bilaknewale Hum Bhi Khumhlaane Se Gaafil The Kabhi Kya Hansa Gunche Chataknewale Nakhl Se Chhootke Ye Kya Haal Huwa Aah! O Patte ... More

posted @ 6/27/2016 6:34 PM by Mehjabin

Get out of Financial Misery with a Car Title Loan

If you have exhausted all the options of obtaining money, do not worry. There is one more option with you. It is your car. Confused? You can obtain a car title loan and get out of financial misery. How does the Car Title Loan work? It is easier and faster to get a car title loan when you own a car that’s paid off. You will have to provide the car title to the lender. In return, he will provide you with money. Various auto financing companies and lenders offer online loan approval. ... More

posted @ 6/23/2016 10:52 AM by Rock Watson

Buy a Car with Student Auto Loans to make your College Life Easier

An important part of college life is the ability to be able to manage different schedules in your life with your studies. The commute to college by public transport is tedious and takes a lot more time than it should. If you live off-campus, a car of your own will turn this difficult process into a smooth part of your day. With one thing less to worry about, you can focus more clearly on your studies and juggle time effectively between college schedule, your personal life and your part-time job. Buying  ... More

posted @ 6/20/2016 6:11 PM by Rock Watson

Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye Ke Phir Madina Rawana Ghulam Ho Jaye

  Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye, Ke Phir Madina Rawana Ghulam Ho Jaye. Naseeb Waalon Mein Mera Bhi Naam Ho Jaye, Jo Zindagi Ki Madinay Mein Shaam Ho Jaye. Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye, Ke Phir Madina Rawana Ghulam Ho Jaye. Main Shad Shad Maroon Ga, Agar Dameakhir, Naseeb Jalwa-e-Kahirul Anam Ho Jaye. Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye, Ke Phir Madina Rawana Ghulam Ho Jaye. Fuzool Goi Se Bach Jaye Ye Zaban Meri, Mera Kalam Durood-o-Salaam Ho Jaye. Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye, Ke Phir Madina Rawana Ghulam Ho Jaye. Piya Raza Ne, Piya Jo Murshid Ne, Ataa Mujhe Shaha Aisa Jaam Ho Jaye. Huzoor Aisa Koi Intezam Ho Jaye, Ke Phir Madina Rawana ... More

posted @ 6/20/2016 9:39 AM by Mehjabin

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