July 2011 Entries

An Introduction And Evolution of Pharmacy

  Pharmaceutics : i (Dispensing Pharmacy) (D P)             An Introduction. The introduction of D.P deals with the study of evolution of Pharmacy. Various types dosage from, How to prepare a presscrypton with their calculation. Along with the study of the various pronuples for a dosage from   and their incompaturicities.             It also deals with the study various gallenical preparations. EVOLUTION OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL LITERTURE (¡) History of Pharmacy:-             Pharmacy comes from the greek word that is Pharmakon (means medicine or drugs) in general the branch of Science that deals with the study of medicine or drug is known as Pharmacy. → Pharmacy is the art... More

How To Develop A Software

Introduction to C Soft ware is nothing more than a collection of programs. Development of software is a step-wise process. Before developing software, number of process done. First is the understanding of user requirements. Problem analysis is arise during the requirement analysis phase of software development. Problem analysis is done for obtaining the user requirements. From analysis we can obtain what is the input and output , that is the first step for designing the program. For solving the program “algorithm“ is implemented. An alogirithm is a sequence of steps that gives method of solving a program. This “algorithm” creats the logic... More

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