November 2011 Entries

How to protect your Environment

Problem affecting environment ·         Pollution(Air,soil, water, noise): ·         Acid rain: ·         Global warming: ·          Destruction of rainforests  and other wild habitats: ·         The decline and extinction of thousands of species of animal and plant :       IDEA TO HELP   Ø Sort  out your rubbish(grabage or warthless thing).   Ø Use recycled paper to help save trees.     Ø  Ttry  to avoid buying plastic .it is hard to recycle .   Ø One way to cut down on plastic is to refuse to use carrier bags.     Ø  Don’t buy over –packed goods .many thing we   buy have unnecessary amounts    of  plastic and paper around them .   Ø Never buy product made up of tropical hardwood e.g mahogany and teak .it is better to buy only pine ,ash, or  beech   because they   can be replaced .   Ø Use less energy by switching off   lights when rooms are not in use,not wasting   hot water,not overheating roomds and not boiling more water then necessary when making   a cup... More

why does Ice Float??????

  There are two parts to the answer for this question. First, let's take a look at why anything floats. Then, let's examine why ice floats on top of liquid water, instead of sinking to the bottom.          A substance floats if it is less dense, or has less mass per unit volume, than other components in a mixture. For example, if you toss a handful of rocks into a bucket of water, the rocks, which are dense compared to the water, will sink. The water, which is less dense than the rocks, will float. Basically, the rocks push the water out... More

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