Amazing pure honey

Pure Honey: It's delicious, it has a rich full bodied taste. It reminds some people of soft candy. It can be eaten out of a container as a snack. It adds body to bread, spices different meats with juiciness, layers desserts with goodness, the versatility is nothing short of amazing. When it is used as an ingredient, it completely changes the density, taste, and chewiness of the item. For instance, eating a cake made with sugar is quite a different culinary experience from eating a cake made with Pure Honey.
Pure Honey: The taste is different from other foods. Nothing else quite tastes like Pure Honey. No other substance is so viscose yet digestible; sweet yet not cloying; liquid yet so dense. Nothing else is quite so sustaining yet not overfilling. Compared to other foods, candy is great but after awhile all chocolate is more or less the same. All pastries taste doughy so that if you closed your eyes you couldn't tell whether you were eating a donut or a piece of pie crust. Crackers, chips, anything crispy has the textural crunchiness but none of these food stuffs taste remotely like Pure Honey.
Pure Honey: Varies in taste depending on location, time and the bees. Steak is delicious but one steak goes down pretty much the same as the next. Peanut butter if nifty but a scoop of Skippy will eternally be identical to any other scoop of Skippy. Not so with Pure Honey. Often containers of two different years have their own subtle variations. Moreover, there are all sorts of regional subtleties, of course we are talking about pure local honey, not supermarket "batched" or "pasturized" varieties. The overall variety is truly remarkable. Colour ranges from clear translucent amber to dense like molasses. One container smells like strawberries while another has the smell of oranges or camomile tea. A spoonful of one Pure Honey is dense and thick while another is liquidy and runny. One Pure Honey tastes intense, heavy, how marvellous that every container is a surprise.
Pure Honey: Is good for you, it is healthy on many levels. First, it is good to eat. It is an unprocessed food, which Pure Honey certainly is. Second, it is good to consume. It is a food which digests easily and naturally, this is because Pure Honey is composed primarily of simple and natural sugars without additives, preservatives or chemicals. Pure Honey is healthy inducing because locally produced Pure Honey contains the pollen of local flowers, ingesting the substance may help lessen the effect of allergies. It also helps accustom the body to the local environment.
Pure Honey: Helps in the battle against the bulge. Because it is so dense nobody would binge out on Pure Honey. For instance, a large orange has the equivalent of eight teaspoons of Pure Honey sugar-wise. Nobody thinks twice about eating an orange or two, but have you ever seen anyone eating eight teaspoons of Pure Honey out of a container at any one time. Another example, whenever a "diabetic" has a sugar glucose problem any doctor will recommend a glass of orange juice with granulated sugar to bring his or her sugar level up again. Take notice no doctor ever recommends to give them Pure Honey because Pure Honey is not as sweet as it leads you to believe. The marvellous taste of Pure Honey, "What a blessing."
Pure Honey: A small amount goes a long way. Compare this to sugar or sugar products which seem to trigger the appetite. Eat a sugar-based cake and you want another piece, but eat a cake made of Pure Honey and you are quickly full and feel you have had enough. For all these reasons Pure Honey is the most perfectly balanced food you could possibly eat.
Pure Honey: The food that does not break down. Leave an egg out for a couple of days and it can go bad. Do not refrigerate meat and soon it will spoil. If you leave a once opened jar of jam on the pantry shelf, mold will form in a couple of days. Canned fruit in an open bowl will turn green and mold in a short while. Potato chips become stale overnight. But Pure Honey is the one product that retains its flavor for several months or even years. The bees concentrate flower nectar and add enzymes to the nectar to turn it into Pure Honey. Keep a jar on the pantry for ten years and it is still edible. Leave a jar of Pure Honey out on a picnic table in the sweltering heat and it will be fine the next day or next week. Freeze it in the freezer for a month and take it out, put it in a "hot bath" overnight and it is as good as it was before, back to the natural liquid form the bees had left it. Truly amazing.
Pure Honey: It is attractive. Maple syrup has a mellow woody taste, but no one ever sits and stares at the sap. But steady users find Pure Honey visually intriguing. Some people love to stare at the golden fluid in a container, it seems mysterious, as if one could look inside and know the secret of life. Jiggle the container and bubbles rise to the top like a submarine rising to the surface. Let Pure Honey drip off a wooden swirler, and it descents slow-motion down an invisible line, twist the swirler and the rope stops mid-motion and returns to the ball. Pour Pure Honey into a bowl and it forms a layered pyramid whose base keeps dissolving into the pool. Truly fascinating.
Pure Honey: It cleans very easily. If chocolate melts in your shirt pocket a brown stain forms. If it is a nice shirt you will have to dry-clean the shirt. If marshmallow fluff gets into your hair it takes a long time to get the gunk removed. If ice cream drips on your arm, the skin will feel sticky all day. But Pure Honey is biodegradable with warm water. It breaks down when warm water is applied so that it lifts off easily and eliminates all of these problems. This is all the more amazing because Pure Honey is so dense and sticky. After wiping a counter with a sponge the surface feels and looks like new. Pure Honey makes the homemakers very happy. Pure Honey, nothing quite like it.
Pure Honey: It's an amazing medicine. For many ailments that taste wonderful. Even small children love the taste of Pure Honey. It's a booster for a large number of recipes. In any recipe that calls for granulated sugar you can substitute with Pure Honey. Simple use less amounts ofPure Honey. Your taste buds will let you decide when you have reached the amount you are happy with. 3/4 cup of Pure Honey = 1 cup of sugar as a rule of thumb. However, depending on where the bees are foraging you may want to add a little or subtract a little, it really depends on each individual. Pure Honey, nature's gold.

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Left by organic honey at 3/4/2013 3:04 PM
Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees is the one most commonly referenced, as it is the type of honey collected by beekeepers and consumed by humans. Honey produced by other bees and insects has distinctly different properties. It is one of the best and top food recommended for health growth at all ages. It  is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavouring. It also has a role in religion and symbolism. Flavors of honey vary based on the nectar source, and various types and grades of honey are available. It is also used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments.

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