why honey is good for health


  • Pure Honey is GERM FREE and has many HEALING PROPERTIES.
  • Pure Honey is PURE and ANTISEPTIC.
  • Historians have said almost all Egyptian MEDICINES contained Pure Honey.
  • When EATEN daily, Pure Honey will reduce your body's susceptibility to, and cure, INFECTIONS.
  • Pure Honey is used to heal OPEN WOUNDS, BURNS, PINK EYE, BLISTERS, SORES, skin and scalp IRRITATIONS. (APPLY DIRECTLY)
  • Pure Honey heals BLISTERED EYELIDS caused by wearing contact lenses (APPLY 1 DROP DIRECTLY TO EYE).
  • Pure Honey counteracts and stops the ITCHING from insect bites and poisonous plants (APPLY DIRECTLY)
  • Pure Honey has been recognized as a cure for MALNUTRITION, OLD AGE, INSANITY, STOMACH DISORDERS and NERVE DISORDERS. (Recommended: EAT 3 TIMES A DAY).
  • Pure Honey soothes and relieves a SORE THROAT, and is especially effective when the honeycomb is chewed. The small amount of honeycomb swallowed as it is chewed will coat a sore throat with relief! (DO NOT SWALLOW A BALL OF HONEYCOMB)
  • People who eat Pure Honey daily have fewer COLDS and seldom have the FLU infection. (EAT DAILY BY THE TEASPOON OR ON FOOD OR IN DRINK, 3 TIMES A DAY).
  • Many doctors recommend EQUAL PARTS of Pure Honey, lemon and whiskey as an extremely effective COUGH SYRUP.
  • Pure Honey can be used as an antiseptic in any CAVITY in the human body. (APPLY DIRECTLY, COVER).
  • Because of Pure Honey's fructose content, many claim it is a CURE for a hangover. (Recommended: EAT 3 TABLESPOONS).
  • OVER THE CENTURIES, Pure Honey has been one of many cures which, if nothing else, did not make the patient worse than before he took the "medicine."
  • Pure Honey is pre-digested. When eaten, Pure Honey's simple sugars are absorbed directly into your body's bloodstream for INSTANT ENERGY.
  • Pure Honey contained some of EVERY NUTRIENT required to MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH.
  • Babies and Pure Honey. Pure Honey is not recommended for infants under one year of age. Pure Honey is a safe and wholesome food for older children and adults.

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