few tips to save yourself from sun stroke



Here are few simple tips to save yourself from hot summer. Follow these basic tips to avoid sun stroke.
1. Drink lots of water or fluid. E.g. water, coconut juice, sugarcane juice, orange juice, butter milk, glucose water, and sarbat.
2. Eat more fruits that contain lot of water. E.g water melon, cucumber etc.
3. Carry an umbrella and a water bottle with you when you go out of the house.
4. Avoid junk foods as much as you can.
5. You will feel less apetite in summer. But make sure you take food, water, fruits and juices in regular intervals.
6. Make you food less spicy and oily.
7. Wear light weight and light color cottin clothes.
8. After coming home from outside, wash your face in cold water. You will feel fresh.
9. Avoid travel during noon time. Long distance travel are not advisable.

10.use  umbrella  whenever you go out side on day time.and use sun glasses.

My dear friend  plz follow these tips..to  save  u r self  from sun stroke..take care.....

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