Lemon, one of the fruits that not many people will love. But read on, to discover the amazing benefits of lemon water and lemon nutrition.
Read thru this short article to discover the marvellous healing effects it has on our human body.

1.    Lemon is a citrus fruit and fight against infection.
2.    It is a anti oxidant which deactivates free radicals.
3.    Lowers blood pressure
4.    Lowers cancer rate by preventing mutation of healthy cells
5.    Drinking Lemon juice is believed to add a glow to the skin
6.    If your stomach is not well, add a few drops of lemon juice in hot water. This will clear your digestive system and cleanse your liver.
7.    Drip a few drops of lemon juice to your acne will prevent more from popping out.
8.    Lemon contains nutrition that relieve stomatitis and inflammation of the tongue.
9.    As lemon contains a huge amount of vitamin C, it is used to treat common cold.
10.Dry the lemon skin under the sun and grind them to powder form. Shampoo with the powder and it removes your headache.
11.Prevents allergic reactions after chemically treating your hair.
12.Nutrition in lemon relieves the stings and pain after being bitten by insects.
13.Drink lemon juice to treat gonorrhea and urinary tract infection.
14.Combine with glycerin, it soothes dry skin.
15.Want to lose weight? Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and add a pinch of salt. It lowers your cholesterol levels too.
16.Lemon juice kills bacteria and other organisms in raw meat and seafood.
17.Having asthma? Try drinking a tablespoon of thick lemon syrup everyday.
18.When having sore throat or infection, gargling lemon juice speed up the healing process.
19.As stated in the above points, if you are having diarrhea, drinking lemon juice prevents dehydration.
20.Prevents your joints from degrading. Drink a glass daily to ensure healthy joints.

It is amazing how much benefits lemon juice have. Lemon nutrition is certainly a lot more than other fruits and drinking lemon juice is definitely a must to keep yourself healthy!

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