the Health Benefits of Red Tea

    In most countries red tea is commonly referred to black tea that are made from the completely oxidized bud leaves of Cemellia sinesis. Leaves of South African plant named Rooibos which is of the Aspalathus genus, are used to make a drink that are popularly marketed as Red Tea.

Properties of Red Tea:

The amazing red tea brings many advantageous properties to the human body. It has copper, iron, potassium and sufficient amount of calcium. It helps to get the daily requirement of fluoride, zinc, manganese and magnesium. It alpha-hydroxy elements work like magic on skin.

Benefits of Red Tea:

Red tea has become increasingly popular among people of all ages globally not only because of it magnificent color and amazing taste, but also for its unique properties that are very good for health. Many studies have proven that red tea can do many great things to your well being. Unlike ordinary tea, red tea has no caffeine and has low amount of tannin, therefore one can enjoy to his/her heart content without worrying about any sort of harmful side effects. In fact the habit of taking red tea brings several advantages that help your body system perform much better.

Red tea is considered to be age miracle portion. If the leaves are applied directly to the skin, this reduces the pace of aging process. In addition, irritability, headaches, nervousness, insomnia and many other regular discomforts can be eased by sipping into a cup of red tea. It also plays a vital role as anti-spasmodic soothing stomach cramps and colic. If you are suffering from fever, or have asthma and eczema problems, drinking red tea will put you on ease. People suffering from kidney troubles, especially those prone to kidney stones, may also drink this magical tea.

A number of studies conducted on red tea have shown that it has many unique properties that are anticancer. Daily consumptions of 4 to 6 cups of red tea have proven to be heavenly cure for gastric, esophageal and strong prevention against skin cancer. Other sources have also confirmed that red tea works significantly well in lowering the cholesterol levels.

Last but not the Least:

The aroma of red tea has been a blessing for human for many years now. It is indeed a healthy beverage with multiple benefits. Red tea has proven itself as a very good supplement in addition to your regular diets.



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