Prevention and Home Remedies for Heart Attack


Prevention of Heart Attack
Lowering the risk factors of the heart attack can prevent a heart attack. The following are the measures that reduce the risk of heart attacks from occurring.

·         Control your blood pressure if you have hypertension

·         Lose weight if you are obese

·         Exercise regularly

·         If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar

·         Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits

·         Quit smoking

Home Remedies for Heart Attack
Listed below are few home remedies for heart attack:

·         Vitamin C is an effective home remedy. It protects the heart from high blood cholesterol. Consume citrus fruits as they are rich in vitamin C.

·         Vitamin E improves the circulation and muscle strength. It also promotes heart functioning by improving oxygenation of cell. Intake foods rich in vitamin E such as outer leaves of cabbage, whole meal products and green vegetables.

·         The herb alfalfa taken in juice form is very helpful in treating diseases related to heart and arteries. The juice can be taken along with carrot juice two times a day.

·         Grapes are very effective in treating heart pains. Grapes taken in the form of juice is also very effective remedy.

·         Asparagus is a very good remedy for heart diseases. Prepare a juice of it and mix it with honey in 2:1 ratio. Take a teaspoon of this mixture three times a day.

·         Honey is effective in treating the cardiac pain and improves the circulation. Take a teaspoon of it daily after the food to prevent all sorts of heart troubles

·         Apples are very rich in heart stimulating properties. Consuming a fruit daily or taking it in the form of jam is very beneficial.





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