August 2012 Entries

Environment and Elements of C

  ENVIRONMENT FOR C  The steps for the execution of C program are   as – 1.      Program creation 2.      Program compilacation 3.      Program execution    UNIX ENVIRONMENT              1. Program creation  In UNIX environment file can be created with vi editor as $ vi file name (press enter) Here $ is the UNIX prompt . the file can be saved by pressing ESC and SHIFT +zz     2. program compilation After   creation of C program it can be compiled as cc file name (press ENTER) If the program has mathematical function then it is compiled as cc file name – lm (press ENTER) After compiling the executable code is stored in the file... More

History of C

HISTORY OF C   In the old days, every language was designed for some specific purpose. As example FORTRAN(formula translator) was used for scientific and mathematically application ,COBAL(Common Business Oriented language) is used for business application .so need of such a language was felt which could withstand most of the purposes .”Necessity is the mother of indentation” . From here the first step towards the c was put forward, by Dennis Ritchie The C language was developed in the 1970’s at Bell laboratories ,by Dennis Ritchie . it is designed by the operating system called UNIX. Now the ninety present... More

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