September 2012 Entries

reading input data in C

 READING INPUT DATA      Input data can be entered into the the memory from a standard input device (keybord)    .C provides the scanf() library function for entering input  data. This function takes all types of values(numeric,character, sting) as input .the scanf ( )   library function for entering input data. This function takes all types of values (numeric, character string) as input .the scanf ( ) function can be written as-     Scanf (control string, variable1, variable2….)     This   function should have at least two parameters. First parameter is control string which is conversion specification character. It should be written double quotes .This     conversion Specification character may be one or more , it depends on the number of variables . The other Parameters   are variable. The other parameters are variable   names. In the scanf ( )  function   At least one variable name should be present .Each variable name must be preceded by an ampersand (&). This gives the starting b address of the... More

one beautiful story of feelings

  FELLINGS     Once   upon a time there was an   Island Where all the feelings lived .Happiness, Sadness, knowledge, and All the others. Including LOVE. One day it was announced to    all the feeling that the Island was going to sink. To the bottom of the Ocean. So all the   feeling prepared their   boat to leave.  LOVE was the only feelings that stayed back ,she wanted to preserve  the island paradise Until the last possible moment. When the Island was almost totally under water. LOVE sided that it was time to leave She began    looking for someone  ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a Grand boat .LOVE requested ,” Richness “ ,can I  come with you on your boat?... More

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