OPerator & Expression

 operator & Expression  

An operator specifies an operator to be perfomed that yield a valueThe variable   constant can be joined by various operator to form an expression .an operand is a data item on which an operator acts .some operator requires  two oprend s,while other act upon only ane operand .C includes a large number   of operend which fall under several different catogories ,which are as –

1.Arithmetic operator
2.Relational operator
3.logical operator
4.Assignment operator
5.Ternary operator
6.Bitwise operator
7.increment or Decrement operator

Arithmetic operators are used for numeric calculation .They are two types

1.unary arithmetic
2.binary arithmetic
1.unary arithmetic
 +x –y
Here ‘-‘ changes the sign of the operand y.
2.binary arithmetic
 it require two operand .There are five operators   for binary arithmetic.

Operator           meaning                purpose
+                           plus                         addition
-                            minus                      subtraction
*                            asterisk                    multiplication
/                           slash                           division
%                          percent                        division

%(modules operator ) cannot be applied with floating point number .There is no exponent operator in C.how ever there is a library function to carry out exponent.






Here ‘a’ and ‘b’ are two operands

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