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You  might have heard till now that aloe vera is a boon  for  any skin problems, but you  will be surprised  to know that  aloe Vera  has numerous health  benefits  too. It is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by nature. It has been proven to treat multiple health ailments for years. The good thing is that aloe vera is available in   forms to help with health issues or just to promote general good health .the forms include: Aloe Vera juice, capsule (tablets), moisturizers and pure Aloe Vera. SOME HEALTH BANIFITS OF ALOE VERA It boosts immune system and destroys cancer, tumors.... More

How To Save Our Earth? Why It Is In Danger Condition?

The biggest challenge that mankind is facing in this century is "global warming" and there is a "global warning" given by scientist to save the earth.It has become a big cry from every corner of the world "How to save the earth from global warming", every nation, every forums, every where and in every thing they discuss about this global warming and how to save our earth from this biggest threat. Scientists had laid down the root cause for this situation as the increase in the amount of carbon DI oxide let out on the atmosphere by our industries and automobiles.... More

Wild Life Protection

Wild life and its protection Wild life includes all plants and animal that are not domesticated because of the indiscriminate killinng of animal s and cuitting of forest by humans ,some species of plant and animals are dyaing. Increase in human population me ans we need more land. We ct down jungales and encroach on animal habitation.As a result the jungle are getting smaller and    there is no place for animal to live. Many species of plant s and animals have become Extinct or are on the verge of ectinction .for example ,there are very few Indian  tiger left. So is the case with the elephant and rhinos in india. How can we protect wild life? We need to consciously preserve and protect rare species of plants and animal in their... More

Do You Know What Is Eczema?

Eczema Eczema is a condition that causes skin to become red, itchy, and dry. If you have eczema, you might notice that you are prone to getting itchy rashes — especially in places like where your elbows and knees bend or on your neck and face. The symptoms of eczema can vary from person to person. Though you can't cure eczema forever, you can take steps to prevent it from flaring: ·         Stay away from things like harsh detergents, perfumed soaps, and heavily fragranced lotions that tend to irritate the skin and  start eczema. ·         Because hot water dries by quick evaporation and over-washing with... More

How to protect your Environment

Problem affecting environment ·         Pollution(Air,soil, water, noise): ·         Acid rain: ·         Global warming: ·          Destruction of rainforests  and other wild habitats: ·         The decline and extinction of thousands of species of animal and plant :       IDEA TO HELP   Ø Sort  out your rubbish(grabage or warthless thing).   Ø Use recycled paper to help save trees.     Ø  Ttry  to avoid buying plastic .it is hard to recycle .   Ø One way to cut down on plastic is to refuse to use carrier bags.     Ø  Don’t buy over –packed goods .many thing we   buy have unnecessary amounts    of  plastic and paper around them .   Ø Never buy product made up of tropical hardwood e.g mahogany and teak .it is better to buy only pine ,ash, or  beech   because they   can be replaced .   Ø Use less energy by switching off   lights when rooms are not in use,not wasting   hot water,not overheating roomds and not boiling more water then necessary when making   a cup... More

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