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July 2012 Entries

Why Golf Cars Are Replacing Automobiles in Florida

A new trends that many news agencies have been reporting on is the prevalence of golf cars in some towns, especially in the State of Florida. Golf cars are simply electric cars that look like golf carts in some cases, or may be uniquely built so that they look completely different, but they all are of the same basic design. Some towns are seeing more of these golf cars than regular cars on the street. There are a few reasons The people choose to go with golf cars instead of a regular automobile. First they are cheaper. In fact there... More

Golf Cart Parts

There was a time when auto parts stores were springing up everywhere as guys began to do after-market add ons, customize their cars and do general maintenance themselves. That trend has not changed but there’s a new trend. Thanks to housing on properties adjacent to golf courses and golf-cart-friendly communities many homes have a golf cart in their driveway or garage. Golf cart parts businesses are growing as a result. What golf cart owners learned was that golf carts needed maintenance. Auto repair businesses were abundant but golf cart repair places were rare. Noting the trend to increasing numbers of privately-owned... More

Golf Cars Features

There are many different features available on most golf cars. There are many uses for golf cars and the different uses give different features for the people who use them. Although the primary use of golf cars is on a golf course, there are other places where golf car use is common. Knowing about the features that are available can help you make the best decision possible when you are buying one. There are both gas and electric powered golf cars, and they are used in different ways. Electric golf cars are by far the most commonly found type, because... More



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