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September 2012 Entries

Pimp My Ride Golf Cart Style

In today’s customizable market, nothing is ever forced to look ordinary. No two things look alike and everyone’s everything is different from the others. Golf carts are no exception. There are a multitude of golf cart accessories and designs to customize your ride, whether it’s around town or on the fairway, your golf cart can surprise and delight. Underglow Lighting A simple and very popular addition in the world of customizable golf carts is the addition of under-glow lighting. This illuminating trick allows for golf cart owners to create the illusion of floating over the ground with various lights. These lights can... More

Multiple Places for Golf Cars

Golfing is a sport that one can play at all ages.  As long as you can swing the club, you can play. Even if you are disabled, you can still play the sport.  It’s ok if you can’t walk or carry your clubs, you can simply use a golf car to get you from hole to hole.  If you think about how golf cars are used on the golf course, you will realize that golf cars can be used in many more situations then for simply driving around from hole to hole. I’ve seen golf cars used more and more... More

Proper Golf Cart Protocol

While golf cars have been used in various Hollywood stunts, misuse of them can inflict serious injury, it is important to always practice safe driving when operating a motor vehicle of any kind. Each golf course has its own rules for acceptable golf cart behavior, it is important to know and abide by those rules each time the cart is rented. Know Your Machine Safety is a huge part of enjoying a day at the course, and driving a golf cart is no different. Be sure to read and understand the safety features of the golf cart, know how to safely operate... More

Golf Car Parts: Different and Not So Different

Golf cars are very similar to cars in the fact that they need regular maintenance. If you think about all the maintenance that a car needs, a golf car basically needs the same thing (except most golf cars are electric because this is better for the environment). So if you think about the golf car parts that you will need to replace, they are the same as a car: battery, tires, spark plugs, and there are many parts that can be added to your golf car that will only enhance the experience of the car.  When one compares batteries between... More



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