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October 2012 Entries

Electric Golf Carts Used for Many Things

Business and people often take the time to look at their transportation needs. They often realize there are a lot of places they don't go or need transportation to. There are some that find they don't drive for days at a time. There are others that find they are traveling short distances away. For those needs, electric golf carts are better options than cars. One of the best pieces of equipment that people have found are electric golf carts. These little carts are seen often on golf courses. As people see them, they realize how many more things they can be... More

Buying Golf Cart Accessories

You’re able to purchase the best of the best when it comes to golf cart accessories when the time comes. Nothing could be better than this when the time comes. You want to make sure you have it all and so much more without leaving anything out or to question at the same time which makes life easier. The accessories should be in great condition when the time comes down to it. This is because you want to know that you’re going to be getting everything and anything when the time comes. You want to get something that is going to... More

Choosing the Best Golf Cart Parts

If you are experiencing problems or your cart is on the fritz, you may be ready to replace your golf cart parts. Sourcing parts for a new golf cart or one that you have owned for years can be difficult, depending upon the model of your cart. However, there are many different sources that you can shop at that can turn up the parts you are searching for. When shopping for golf cart parts, always bear the following points in mind. Know the Correct Model of Your Golf Cart Similar to cars, different golf carts use different parts. Not all... More

You Guide To Purchasing Golf Cars

Gone are the days when golf cars were only used in golf courses. Today, you will find these slam cars everywhere. The main reason they are so common is because they are simple to operate and their slam size. You will come across these cars in farms and even airports and universities. You can also purchase these cars and use them to move around the estate. To make sure you purchase an ideal golf car, you need to consider a few aspects. Before you purchase a golf car, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the various... More



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