May 2014 Entries

California! This is the Future of Driving

The Jetsons lived in 2062. A futuristic dreamland of quirky inventions, holograms and robots! And, still poor George had to perform the mundane task of driving his own car. But, you and I have the benefit of sleeping, reading, working or simply day-dreaming while driving a car. This is no April fool’s joke. Apparently, Google is working on driverless car. And, guess the state in which the testing is going on. Your very own state of California! Google believes that driverless cars can drive more safely and reduce accidents. The internet giant says that its fleet of no-human-driver cars is mastering... More

Colorado! This is the Future of Green Cars

What is the one thing about cars that environmentalists hate? It’s the emissions from an automobile. But, nature lovers should not worry about it. 2014 Denver Auto Show presented the only commercial vehicle in Colorado that doesn’t run on gas. Instead, it uses something that’s all around us. The car uses the hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere and combines them to produce electricity. The only thing that is emitted by the car is water. This means the car emits no harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. Don’t think it is some uncomfortable ride with average features. Montreux Energy, that presented the... More

Successful Car Debuts at the New York International Auto Show

The show got over just 3 days back. In case you were too busy with work, family or finding a balance between the two, New York Car Loans brings to you the best cars that were on display. Hold your breath; we have brought people’s favorite cars to your computer screen! Senior Vice President Bob Carter, who spoke with USA TODAY, revealed that Camry was attracting young car buyers (45 is the average age of Camry buyers and it is 12 years younger than the segment average). And, young buyers require style. So, the new model was created that required... More