April 2013 Entries

Make Sure You Stay at the Vancouver Hotels Downtown for Additional Exercise

There is nothing worse than going on a vacation and sitting around the whole time. The best way to spend a vacation is moving around and enjoying nature while getting into better shape. In order to do this you should go for one of the Vancouver hotels downtown instead of getting one on the outskirts of town. This will encourage walking and make you healthier. By being in the downtown district everything that you want to see is right around you. Theaters are in the area and you can go to art shows and museums as well. The ocean is... More

Vancouver Airport Hotels are Perfect for those Who are Far from the Airport

When you have a flight that is scheduled early in the morning and you are far from that airport you have one of two options to choose from. You can either get up extremely early and try and make it to your flight on time while hoping that nothing goes wrong with the trip. Or you can stay at one of the Vancouver airport hotels and then catch your flight in the morning instead. These hotels are a good option because they are right in the area that you need to be for your flight. There are times when you... More

Staying Healthy at Hotels Vancouver BC

Hotels Vancouver BC are a nice convenience when you are on vacation, but they can be unhealthy because of how many people use them on a regular basis. All of that traffic can leave behind some serious germs, and it can make it easier to get sick while you are on vacation. Follow the guide to make sure that you aren’t picking up what someone else left behind. When you are moving around the room cleaning things up it is up to you to pay close attention to both the remote and the telephone. Since both of these items are... More